Q: What is the CordCruncher Cord Management System?


A: If you've ever tried storing your headphones in a gym bag, desk drawer, or pants pocket, you've probably experienced the frustration of picking apart a tangled mess of plastic. Finding a way to neatly manage your cords can be a challenge, and when more than one is in the same container? Forget it!


That's why we developed the CordCruncher Cord Management System.


The CordCruncher neatly "crunches" cords into an elastic sleeve, letting you customize cord length while granting the convenience of accessibility.


Q: How does the CordCruncher sleeve work?


A: The CordCruncher sleeve works by retracting the cord into a compact, folded, form during storage, while permitting full length extension during use. To use your CordCruncher, simply pull one end of the cord out from its sleeve. When you've finished and are ready to store your device, pull the sleeve back over the excess cord length. Click here for a more thorough demonstration.


Q: Can I use the CordCruncher sleeve on my own headphones?


A: Due to the countless headphone configurations that exist on the market that include split protectors, differing phono-plug housings, cord diameters, and inflexible cord insulation, the elastic sleeve cannot be used as an aftermarket solution to cord storage. We hope to offer a variety of headphone configurations to accommodate all of our CordCruncher community's needs.


Q: What is the expected lifespan of the CordCruncher sleeve?


A: We have thoroughly tested the limits of the CordCruncher sleeve. Some of our own CordCrunchers are still operating without any signs of wear even after years of use. In addition, we took it upon ourselves to perform a stress test where we crunched and extended a single unit over a thousand times back to back to back. The verdict? Our arms are really tired.


Q: What is the material composition of the CordCruncher sleeve?


A: The CordCruncher sleeve is made from low profile, 95% protein-free, medical grade latex rubber. If you are allergic to latex, please be aware that contact with the sleeve may provoke an allergic reaction.


Q: Do you ship internationally?


A: Yes! We ship to all corners of the globe. If you would like to review a list of local redistributors in your geographic area, click here.


Q: I have a question not answered here in the FAQ. What is the best way to resolve a customer service inquiry?


A: Use the contact tab at the top of this page, or e-mail us directly at support@cordcruncher.com. We'd love to hear from you!


Q: I am experiencing difficulty operating my CordCruncher, where can I go for assistance?


A: Since our humble beginnings on Kickstarter, we've been incredibly fortunate to benefit from an incredibly active and supportive community. Follow any of the links on our Interact page to communicate with other CordCruncher users, e-mail us at support@cordcruncher.com, or use the contact form found on this site.


Q: What should I do if my CordCruncher becomes damaged or malfunctions?


A: Please review the policy outlined on our Warranty page. If you still have a question, don't hesitate to contact us directly.


Q: The CordCruncher is a great concept, but I'm looking for "this" particular color and/or feature. Do you have plans to release new CordCruncher models?


A: Yes! We are continually working to improve and expand our product line. While we can't release any details in this FAQ, check our homepage and blog for the latest updates including upcoming features and version releases!


Q: I am interested in becoming a CordCruncher redistributor, what is the proper channel for communication?


A: Please contact directly us at support@cordcruncher.com.